ICSE 2012

5th International Workshop on Exception Handling (WEH.12) - An ICSE 2012 Workshop

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Topics of Interest

The workshop is intended to cover a wide range of topics, from theoretical foundations to and empirical software engineering studies of exception handling techniques. Topics of interest include the following (but not limited to):

  • Empirical studies of exception handling
  • Exceptions in software processes
  • Teaching exception handling principles
  • Recommender systems for exception handling code
  • Exception documentation
  • Exception handling and requirements engineering
  • Exception handling and architectural design
  • Design patterns and anti-patterns, architectural styles, and good programming practice cookbooks
  • Static analysis and testing of exception handling
  • Refactoring and evolution of exceptional code
  • Exceptions and variability management
  • Exception handling and modularization techniques (e.g. AOP and FOP)
  • Exception handling and variability mechanisms
  • Metrics and quality models for abnormal behavior
  • Exception handling and middleware design
  • MDD for exceptions
  • Development of predictive models of defect rates
  • Checked versus unchecked exceptions