Professores visitantes

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Visiting Professors and Researchers

Every year professors/researchers from various parts of the world visit the Laboratory to present their ongoing research and to know about our work. Everyone is invited to participate in these events.

The following table presents the schedule of events:

Name Period Subject Host
Dr. Hans van Vliet 03/09/2012]] Software Architecture Prof. Alessandro Garcia
Dr. Krzysztof Czarnecki 22-26/11/2010 Software Product Lines Elder Cirilo
Dr. Danny Weyns 03-08/10/2010 Multi-agent Systems Ingrid Nunes
Prof. Rafael Bordini 03-06/11/2009 Multi-agent Systems Ingrid Nunes
Prof. Frederic Peschanski 16/12/2008 Software Testing Dra. Viviane Silva
Prof. Klaus Schmid 25/10/2008 Software Product Lines Prof. Julio Leite
Prof. Oscar Pastor 02/10/2008 Model-Driven Development Prof. Julio Leite
Prof. Michael Luck 08-12/09/2008 Multi-agent Systems Ingrid Nunes
Dr. Dirk Muthig 25/08/2008 Software Product Lines Ingrid Nunes
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